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this whole wedding thing is weird, but presumably it is a one-time deal, so that is a pretty nice floating mote to keep your eye on. you check something off the list & it is checked fucking off. last night after work i slid home for just long enough to gulp down a glass of wine before it was time to ride the orange dragon (hey, don't tell tiamat!) to chinatown to pick up jenny from work. then it was a little bit of tube-dodging into the point of greenpoint to meet up with matt, who will be doing the photographing. we met at the korean grill, ittl ore, & while waiting for matt to show, jenny & i sucked down a bottle of vino & a plate of kimchee, & some tempura; matt slid into the booth sometime later & we got cooking! then jenny & i chilled out in the park while matt zoomed away in his motorized bi-cycle, insisting we needed yogurt. insisting. "it has cultures!" he shouted as he sped away.

matt's apartment is in a greenpointy part of the point, which is good. he's a couple of blocks further in from where i normally go to visit. i liked that his pad was filled with tools, like the garage of my house growing up. i played with he dog kind of autistically for a while. really, i was no help, but then, i don't think anyone was! jenny & i don't know what we want our pictures to look like, we just don't want them to look like gross wedding photos. that is really all i have to add! so that was weird; i sank into a fugue pretty deeply. i'm a joy to have around! eventually matt's guest the charming noel came home & we got to chatterboxing while matt...did mysterious things with umbrellas. really, i can't stress enough how little help i was. i drank crown royale & talked to bugs. & talked to noel. & put matt's key's in the refridgerator. i'm pleasent! we were there sort of sheparding the process till about something thirty (?:30). two, three thirty (2:30, 3:30). then it was the cars to take us home! thanks, knightrider. nightrider. whichever.
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