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planetary: crossing worlds by warren ellis, phil jimenez, jerry ordway, & john cassaday.

something about planetary didn't click with me. on the surface, it seems like a great idea: fight the evil fantastic four! do lots of comics pastiche! but maybe i'm a little sick of "grimming up" silver age stuff? there is a certain element of that inherent in planetary. hey, maybe that is what the late nineties & early oughts are all about. see also the authority, right? but this was fun enough. in one of them...planetary & the authority crossed over? that was pretty confusingly plotted; i still don't know what was supposed to be going on. in another one, an evil planetary was fought by the diana prince, clark kent, & bruce wayne that the four killed in regular planetary continuity. that was...alright, though it did make me more resolute in my opinion that wonder woman should become slightly more morally ambiguous (see also: "fuck you max lord, snap"). the third one was planetary versus a bunch of different continuity batmen. batmans. whatever. i liked it, especially the part where the adam west batman defeated them. that was great.
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