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fourth edition peeks.

keep on the shadowfell by bruce cordell & mike mearls.

see, this is good word of mouth advertising. send me a free copy of your adventure! i'll spread the word, you bet! so here is what is of note in keep on the shadowfell: quickstart rules & an adventure. & insight into the format future adventures will be published in-- lets start with that. okay, i think thirty bucks ($29.95) might be a bit pricey for what i've got here. see, okay. i ought to describe it. the cover is basically a trapper-keeper folder, with one side filled with a magazine-bound adventure booklet & the other with more magazine-bound quickstart rules & maps. so for twenty-nine ninety-five, i gotta be honest: i'd feel better with a hardcover. just a matter of perception. the big, big, notable upside is that things can be included! maps, handouts, that sort of thing. yay! the downsides are-- well, it seems kind of flimsy. the corners on mine are pretty crumpled, & if you are kind of anal retentive about those kinds of things (i am), that might inhibit your buying. the magazine-binding on the adventure might be better for flattening when using it? but again, not so great for collecting. i'd actually rather this was in an old "monster manual" form!

okay, now to the rules: here is the big problem about this discussion. any actual opinions on the rules are guesswork, since this is an incomplete text. i have...questions! like on page 29, irontooth's "blood crazed" power-- does that mean he essentially gets fast healing five whenever he drops below half hit points? that seems pretty...insane? i will say this though: lidda the halfling rogue has a pretty awesome power! trick strike, which lets you maneuver your opponent around the battlefield? very cool. the wizard is pretty disappointing, since all of his spells are battle spells, but that is something you can expect from a quickstart. i can't imagine it will be limited to that when the full thing comes out. the adventure itself is an adventure, you know? you could go on it. there aren't any weird vampire trees, though. lots of slime! slimes!
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