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tusks. let me talk about them: i heart them. tusks. tusks, & really, really long horns. like, going up from the forehead super high. i'm kind of crushing on the infernal lately, especially with my game-- "infernum majestika" is my favorite thing to scream about when i dunk my head underwater so no one can hear me screaming. vibrate, molocules! tusks, but really curved, like lower face, from a pronounced underbite. also, fangs, but particularly incisors rather than canines. these are things, this is my reinvention of the face. though i can't think of bodies as anything other than sort of puddings, varying in colour, with nodules of bone & thick gristle lodged in them. the fact that this is not an entirely inacurate picture of bodies is not lost on me. trolls! they don't live under bridges, bridges are made from them. the whole world is made out of giants. your city is one. sleeping. dreaming you. but not dreaming me. i have passed out of the dreamer, & will kill him to keep him from every waking. you can thank me later. edit: i think maybe all this thinking about tusks & my headache might be...related? maybe my tusks are growing in!

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