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you know what isn't making my headache any better? the news that access to the "extra content" on the dnd webpage is going to cost fifteen bucks ($14.95) a month. hey kids! fuck you & your trying to play the hobby bwa-ha-ha-ha! hey former dragon magazine subscribers? mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! because seriously, what? all i can say is the truth: i'll support their books, but i'm not paying to go on a webpage. it just sucks because we got a bunch of promotional material from them today, & we were all excited. hung up the new poster & everything. there is a little gnome in the background...hugging a badger! how adorable, & a nice tip of the hat to us gnome fans. heck, we even started talking about what our first characters will be. pretty exciting, non? well hey, they were super excited to announce that the beta-testing will be free! but some of the software won't be available in the beta-test. seriously, i'm pretty over this, & it is just more of the same, but whatever. pay for access. what a weird, anachronistic joke. & did i mentioned i have a headache? a headache, dear friend. what the fuck is a headache? i never have them. it is like this pain inside of your skull? hey, that is my brain, thanks very much. i'd prefer if it didn't suddenly start hurting, especially as it isn't supposed to have nerves in it or something? brains. stupid noodle pile. this is why. i hate you. you fucking bunch of tiny little dots. this is your personality: a slightly more elaborate version of the colours i get when i press my knuckles into my eyes. this is you. this is you. i fucking hate everything. headaches! tumors! actually, this is kind of fun, now.
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