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so i don't really have any bachelor party plans. whatever, what the fuck is one of those things? jenny keeps insisting that i not have any strippers & then i tell her that i don't want any strippers & then she forbids me from having strippers & i'm like "you can't forbid me!" which totally defeats the purpose, because i don't want a stripper to dry hump me! stop "putting your foot down!" neither here nor there, though. who would think at all that i would want a stripper. blech. i just have to batten down the hatches, because now the clock-work gears are getting gnashy. plans are terrible bladed chariots, all around the circus. back to the bachelor party thing, ugh. i don't even know. i guess the open slot is two days before the wedding, when jenny has her bachelorette party. stag party! also, i don't really want to get hammered right before the wedding. which is antithetical to the idea, i think. i wouldn't let a guy escape his bachelor party without getting faced. then again, i am kind of like mister miracle, & can escape anything. so i'll escape it. the best plan so far is laser tag, but laser tag can only last so far, so i need something else to follow up the laser tag with. that is where that stands. oh, & sunday i made an appointment to finally get my hair cut. by a stylist! at a saloon! salon, i mean. i wish it was a saloon though, & in my heart of hearts, it is.

Poll #1184647 salon, saloon!

i have an appointment for a hair salon? what should i do to my hair before it?

wash it.
not wash it.
Tags: wedding

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