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so last night was kind of funny, wasn't it? i opted out of going to play practice (rehersal) to see danielle's graduate showcase. danielle not my home skillet dizzy gee, but danielle donielle. precision, that's what we aim for. she graduated from some kryptonian school for fine theatre, & i was going to see it. & i did. i got there with only a minimum of headache (everything was going swimmingly until i tried to find 501 instead of 510) & ended up being one of the first to arrive, which meant: wine! see, good omens already. the next face through the door was...pamela?! okay, that is a little disingenuous. i sort of suspected pamela was coming from some internet chatter, but i also thought she lived in california so maybe that chatter wasn't accurate? okay, whatever. explaining out my thought process isn't the most riviting thing. i should make coffee.

gosh, are we out of coffee grounds? i find that hard to accept. anyhow, no coffee for me. so pamela's story with me is a funny one! she maybe invented the whole "mordicai only wants to have these close nebulous, non-sexual relationships with girls" thing. she was what i suppose you would call my best friend for a year or two there, back in high school. then that stopped abruptly, & poof! she was gone. occasionally, when circumstances required it, like when she lived with carla & mark, or when i bumped into her at mark's wedding, we were "friends," but that was mostly just the sounds of echoing gunfire in the canyon, if you know what i mean. so suffice to say she's tangled up in the plot, but from much earlier in the story.

we had wine & did, whatever, catching up, which means we sort of were like "oh, hey, yeah, i'm getting married," & "oh, i bought a place in manhattan." punctuated with a healthy peppering of nostalgia. it was nice, & she said i had a "good vibe" (but she prefaced it with the warning that it would sound "too california") & i thought she was nice. i totally had a friends crush on her, in fact! which lets not get ahead of ourself. anyhow, we went into the performance & i snuck a program, which apparently you have to be an agent or producer to get. or a mordicai, ha ha! foiled you bastards!

danielle was pretty good! really i only feel qualified to talk about her comedy scene, which was funny. since it was woody allen, the laughs were sort of at someone's expense, & she was the straight woman, so i don't know if she got enough credit. i liked it though. i also liked a couple of the other parts, too; one other guy in particular was kind of great & i meant to tell him afterwards but did not. there was a scene about prom, & that was funny, since pamela & i went to prom together. danielle's monologue i don't know about, since it sounded very much like having a certain type of conversation with danielle.

the meet & greet in the wake of the show was sort of an industry networking thing. at least that is the scene as i saw it, so correspondingly, i didn't see very much of danielle. let her do her thing! she's working. plus, there was a pamela to talk to, so we had a little more wine & laughed or whatever. & i proceeded to give her my number & i'll probably email her & we'll see what happens with that. danielle lives like a couple of blocks away from me, so we'll see what happens with that, too. maybe these girls from early in the life of this monster mordicai will pop up again in the second act? that would be strange, but welcome. i'm not going to hold my breath. or maybe i will, because fuck you david blaine. i ducked out after too long since jenny was waiting for me, & then the two of us lovelies stayed up watching the wedding episodes of how i met your mother because why not be a sappy dork? why not. & maybe the panic about the vows is solved. so that is a nice thing.
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