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sword of the atom by jan strnad & gil kane.

okay, this was pretty great. so the atom is a super-hero who can shrink & control his mass. sometimes that makes him pretty great, other times, not so much. anyhow, the premise of sword of the atom is that atom's marriage falls apart, since he & his wife have been growing apart, each focused on their work. so the atom goes on a long trip, hoping that they will be able to work it out when he maybe comes back. along the way, he crashes, & shrinks, & then his shrinking belt breaks, leaving him stranded at six inches tall. then he finds a bunch of tiny yellow alien people to be conan the barbarian slash john carter of mars with. & a tiny princess in a chain mail bikini & everything. so a) this was totally awesome, since i like the pulps it is clearly drawing from. b) he totally fights miniature zombies & also, rides frogs. c) one time the atom says that lawns are "just something to keep the middle class too busy to overthrow the government." d) the one weak point is that like ten percent of it is re-cap; even just from the prior issue. fuck off with that!

d) okay, lets talk about girls. at first, the chainmail bikini wasn't the worst since the boys wear chainmail speedos, too. the princess is okay. she fights along side him without a "omg she fights?!?!" moment, it is just assumed. there is maybe a little too much "noble savage" going on, but really it is too weird to be a corrolary to any race relations. plus, i always like high tech slash low tech mixes. anyhow, later there are other pink people besides the atom? where did that come from? then eventually there is a scientist girl who wears some kind of robe & also tights, i.e. clothes. all of which was a little confusing, but okay. gil kane's art is pretty great though.
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