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this neighborhood is...unfriendly!

marvel adventures: spider-man volume six: the black costume by fred van lente, michael o'hare & cory hamscher.

so i get it. the actual black costume origin is so...weird, & tied to crazy event comics, & just generally silly, that you have to bail on it. he got it from a weird machine inside a planet built by a god to make superheroes fight? he got it because reed richards is a dick who just tells you to go start pushing buttons? okay, yeah, that isn't any good. i don't like van lente's macguffin either, though. some sort of "smart skin" built by the tinkerer? naw man, naw. at least have it be an alien! i liked the movie, frankly, though my pitch is to have john jameson (the astronaut) bring it back from the moon. anyhow, these are fun, but mostly only okay. i liked the art on the black costume johnny storm!
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