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ozzy's lost his mind!

marvel adventures: iron man volume one: heart of steel by fred van lente, james cordeiro, & ronan cliquet.

i read this comic book about iron man because in a couple of hours i am going to go see iron man. how sweet is that? i came home drunk last night & set my alarm for the time i'd get up to go to work because, frankly, programming in a more accurate wake-up time seems like the trickiest thing ever. what am i, loki? go program yourself! so as i was sort of morning-fucked, i had plenty of time to read stories about tony stark! let me recap for you: i didn't like the first issue, the origin, but i did like certain elements of it, like the steve jobbing of stark. then there was a bit with mandarin, & the mandarin built a dragon, & i wish that it had been fing fang foom. i liked rhodes but didn't like pepper-- how come he gets to be a cool dude but she's stuck being the frigid secretary? fuuuuuuuck that! whoosh! um, some other stuff happened-- a spy guy or something? i like these marvel adventures though, am i right? i worry about digests...i worry. like, maybe they are fiscally bad? they don't make money? because dc (it stands for "detective comics!") stopped publishing any of them & marvel has stopped putting runaways out in digest. like...the hell? those digests are the only comics we sell actual kids. the only ones.
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