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lost girls by alan moore & melinda gebbie.

i finished up the third volume of this last night, after realizing that i never had. also, it is weird to have opinions on erotica. not weird, weird isn't the right word. just different, since you know, erotica attaches sexuality to the topic at hand. like-- it is implicit in the discussion of the subject that i was looking at pictures of naked people & also, how sexually aroused might be a factor to judge it by. ha ha. anyhow, well. first off, if you are going to write sexy stories, you might as well write them about dorthy, wendy, & alice. you really ought to, in fact. so there is a strong "meta" streak going through this volume-- the girls are reading a book of erotica, & talking about how scandalized by the incest & pedophilia, but also how it isn't really bad, because it is in a work of fiction. it is a little bit overt commentary on the reaction any one can imagine lost girls creating in some people, & a little heavy-handed, but then, i guess erotica isn't the place for too much subtlety. gebbie's art is serviceable, & actually that probably works to the benefit of the piece; she has a sort of simplicity that lets you impose your expectations. if you know what i mean. also, smoothing out all the lines makes all equal-- young, old, fat, skinny. so yeah, as a work of literate erotica, this fulfills it's purpose. i am pleased enough to own it.
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