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mate, it comes from space (i think).

i talk about yerba mate all the time, right? but this is the first time i've ever sat down & brewed some in my own gourd. i suppose i should talk about it. well, i found out about it from gene wolfe. in the book of the long sun, people are drinking it all of the time: in particular, silk prefers it over other similar drinks. reading it, i was all "...the fuck is mate?" see, mister wolfe tends to use a lot of obscure words in his books, words he is sometimes accused of inventing, but that he has really rescued from the past, or from foreign locales. mate is one of the latter: it is the other caffeinated drink, after tea & coffee. anyhow, you make it in these special gourds, with these special straws, & maggie got me the materials for my birthday. it had to cure the gourd first, so today is the first day of having it! i like it a lot-- it is a third taste, different than things enough to make describing it hard. this batch tastes a little like hay, but not in a gross way.


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