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i was asking jenny if i should go over to david's tonight, since he's been on-again-off-again threatening to screen the star wars trilogy. her reply was "sure, if you pick up your room!" which is just such a perfect answer. let me give you some context: our apartment is pretty dirty. we've just been too out & about & so there are piled up dishes & the like. cleaning is one of my projects today, & that is just that. when i asked jenny, i clearly was just asking her advice, but out of context it did sort of sound like i was asking permission. so i was sort of laughing to myself about that, like "mom, can i go to david's if i do my chores?" which, naw. jenny's got plans with carla, & i wasn't sure if i should hang around here to catch the tail-end of their plans or what. anyhow, her reply just captures the same "i get this" attitude. fun. of course now she's just going to tease me about how all i write about in my stupid diary is how much i love her. nerd for love!

last night after work i was meeting up with danielle, but was running about an hour ahead of her. i went to saint marks to do something silly, which apparently turned me into a weirdo? & then after wandering around trying to remember what i might be nostalgic for on the lower east side, i decided to go to the asian pub to grab a lycheetini. hah! then to whole foods to meet danielle, since they had wi-fi. except they didn't have wi-fi, except we got wi-fi from someone else while we were there. we wrote some character bios for a thing we're doing, & then we were off for more lycheetinis. then i found out jenny had food poisoning or something, so we parted ways & i brought home some medicine & electrolytes for her. then i stayed up for a while drinking wine & reading.

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