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oh right, one of the things i forgot to mention is that i'm playing cool but periodically freaking out about this thing that happened, this terrible thing. i didn't know quite how bad it was, & i still don't but it has just been looking suckier the more i find out about it. basically, the chef & kitchen staff left the montauk club. okay, i really don't know if this is a disaster, & i probably think it isn't, but it does suck. whoever else gets hired will probably be up to snuff, but that guy joel, the kitchen manager, he was an okay dude. all treating us right & wooing us & shit. that was a pretty solid perk to the club! & it would be one thing if just he had left, but a whole bunch of people left, & under the cloud of "contentious circumstances." so that sucks, i have to admit. fingers crossed, though! too late to do anything about it, eh? edit: blech. the natives are restless. edit again: okay well, they have a new chef now so that is at least something. some anonymous commenter says it is a department of health thing, which, whatever.
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