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oh, & the answer: sherry by a mile.

jenny was chatting on the phone with her mother last night about something on the computer, television was paused, & so in this lacunae of media i picked up my nanonwrimo novel & started flipping through it & hey, that isn't a bad kettle of bones! so maybe i'm forgetting about being sick of it, from sleeping & breathing it for a month, & will go through with a pencil soon. i'm thinking a nice step one would be to divide it into chapters; a straight forward task that would trick me into re-reading it, & give me a chance to write junk in the margins. i don't know, just a little hissing crocodile crawling out of the fire & into the great blue river that leads to the sea. other than that, somehow we drank a bottle of wine without meaning to & oh, i should mentioned that sleeping was totally fucking awful. just terrible.
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