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kablooie kablam!

i am supposed to write something this week for symon's magazine about whiskey, but i don't know what i might write about! my skull is a pressure cooker, or maybe a crock pot; i throw stuff into it & let it simmer. maybe i'll come up with something about the people who live in the northern lights. gosh though, i'm really empty on the subject! also i am meant to get together with danielle to write stuff, & i will, but when? i don't think i am qualified to make decisions about my life, like when i might go to a place, or whatever. or i could talk about giants, or jetpacks, or all three things. he told me it should be experimental, so maybe i'll make it about science! fuck, man. i should just do it, right? like nike, the goddess of shoes, says. just do it, it is engraved in the base of her statue. here, i'm on the phone now, calling symon. he'll advise me! or i'll get his voicemail. bastard! oh, fuck, i could write about a robot named "Ai." that is kind of cute. the robot is the king of the jungle. okay, a robot who is the king of the jungle, has a jetpack, & lives in the northern lights. see, this brainstorming session is going pretty well, don't you think? it is like tarzan, but a robot. maybe Ai is the god that Hansel should worship. also let me tell you about the four saints; i could write about the four saints in there too. why not kitchen sink it? sink everything, i'm a sinker, we all know that about me. you know, bai ling doesn't have these troubles. she's so brilliant. i envy moonpeople. (if you had a jetpack, you'd be the king of the jungle too. "oh look, a lion. fuuuuuuuck you! whoosh!") okay or how about this: it is a story about a bunch of wizards, flying around through space, with their magic swords, & then they crash. & meet a robot named Ai. okay, okay, this is coming together!

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