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ghastlies & spooks!

heroes of horror by james wyatt, ari marmell, & c. a. suleiman.

my friend tom is a funny cat. he is the kind of guy who is always giving his stuff away. now, i think a lot of it has to do with tensions in his character, between wanting &...well, wanting not to want. he's rendered unto me many fabulous gifts! & recently, he has decided to sell off all his his dnd books, since the new edition is coming out. okay? not my style, but definately his. i took this off his hands, since i've sort of admired it for a bit but not quite enough to buy it new. the rules are only so-so; the classes are interesting but ultimately one-use only; you could get a few different spins out of the archivest character, maybe, but a one dread necromancer is the same as the next. plus, corruption, tain, whatever. the advice is much more to my liking, & in particular it is the tidbits that i like. i like the moose-headed god of spite, for one thing. moose-headed god of spite! & the random lists of spooky things-- some of those i like as well. &! oh, the frame story, which is all about jozan (the signature cleric of the game) being turned into a vampire! how adorable. though in one picture, lidda is dead, & let me tell you something: lidda is a halfling, & halflings always survive.
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