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1. the source of my self-esteem is that i have never seen the film double dragon.
2. in all ways am i well girdled with the secret knowledge of bones & pitch.
3. the rumor of my discontent with wikipedia is true! not entirely, not to the quick, but it has the ring of honesty for such it is. the root of these misgivings are thus: deletionists. these bastards are the worms in the apple of knowledge of good & evil. frank bacon had it right: take all knowledge baby! take it & providence all over it! so these guys delete articles that aren't "worthy of inclusion." listen, i retort with the inclusionist manifesto: wikipedia is not paper! who cares if every pokemon has its own page, you fucking pseduointellectual snobs? you know what, yeah! yeah, sometimes i search wikipedia to find out about comic book characters, & you know what? i should be able to. i want wikipedia to contain within it all of everything, till it rears up alive & sentient like skynet. fuck you i want this thing & you cannot stop it.
4. i don't really remember much after we went to bed, but the fragments of memory i possess are very nice. i quite enjoy them. a cupful of sparks, embers sparkling.
5. i have been meaning to speak about something, but i am conflicted, both with superstition & doubt. i don't want to jinx this thing, but it occupies my thoughts & i should speak of it somewhat to do right by myself & the pretense of the honest rendering of my life. jenny is a very good girlfriend, & is respectful of important choices in my life, that is it in summary. gentle deeds are afoot & she is the perfect culprit. she is excellent in new ways-- ways that are subtle but important to me. i recognize them & dwell on them, in earnest but in secret. to wit: my name.
6. it turns out that anytime you put paprika into a thing, i will like it. i am not proud of this admission, since it reveals the scars of childhood. i resent that anything that might have happened to me then could inform my present, but it is true. i have a little bit of an ethnicity & there it is.

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