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we could get you with our magnets.

the word for the day is sadmad. or madsad. that line of quivering distinction is important, but not salient. you know, the sort of sullen mood that is half a glower & half a sore heart? i just made some guy that, madsad. he's this half-cooked egg that has been bringing in books to sell, & as the weeks go buy the value of the books has gone from something to nothing. nothing! but he keeps bringing them in: today was (along with a plastic bag full of cans & bottles) a pile of old babysitter club books. i used to read ursabet's club books when i was a wee, hateful mordicai, so whenever the subject comes up i like to gossip about claudia's outfits or mean janine or whatever. i'm in the know! finger along side my nose & a wink! but instead i just kept repeating "these aren't worth anything, guy," as he kept pulling them out, one at a time. "man, i'm sorry, none of these are worth anything," but he didn't care, until at the very end, when he finally caught on. & then? madsad. christopher & i were talking, him claiming he ain't never get madsad, but then i made him realize that, yeah, sure! madsad. sadmad. that is what girlfriends make you! full of rage & sorrow all at once, but too cute for you to be able to do anything about it. like when they make you do laundry.
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