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the things? what things. well sunday there wasn't any game, & so i trundled my gorgeous self into williamsburg to attend rehersal for witchprison. rehersal, not play practice! as the story goes. rehersal. unfortunately, my determination & general exellence as a cast member is not shared by all! the only attendees were myself & dave, & of course simon. a beer was drank & then home again, jiggedy-jig (as the story goes). okay, let me admit: everything seems very hazy. my thoughts are dangling in limpid clouds of starlight, sucking holes! black singularities drinking up nebulae. swiss cheese, in other words. so i'm probably leaving everything out & to be terribly honest i can't have any sureity as to how i spent monday. oh, fuck. shit, i remembered, & it turns out-- i was blocking it out! i did laundry, the wash, rinse, & repeat, & fuck it all, i hate that. jenny watched the sopranos while i was out on my away mission, & then when i came home i drank wine wine wine. drowned all away in a sea of purple & red. i basically sat on the floor sullen except for when she scratched me behind the ear. last night was better, by & large: to the gym with me, which always mood stabilizes. then just relaxing & giggling. i "burst my stitches!" i also might have had a manic freakout in bed? apparently i said that floating blue things were molesting me, but then reconsidered & said that i was just too hot under the covers. okay? sleep wasn't the greatest, but for new reasons! not old friendly nightmares, but instead, a kicking, tossing, blanket stealing jenny. so there you go, a tottering jenga tower of a memory palace.

oh, & this is not really here nor there, but in the wake of thinking about planes & epic characters, i have been thinking about my long running epic character, daedul dachauschrim eyekiller, or more popularly, skrim. skrim was the sort of radical tiefling, the guy preaching equality & that equality started with turning away from religion-- an old chestnut in some dnd games. anyhow, the game eventually got bigger & bigger & skrim went from being an low-level psion to a psion/planeswalker, to finding out he was a demigod who had taken a drink from the river lethe. by the end he was a psion/planeswalker/tiefling paragon demigod of blasphemy, which worked pretty well given the setting. anyhow, he had been sort of sucked into bartering & politicing in the lower planes, & was a baron of hell, had a fiefdom in the abyss, a chunk of acheron under his thumb, a couple of personal demiplanes, a whole little club. which anyhow, the other day i realized what skrim would eventually be shooting for, in the great wheel cosmology. see, ysgard is the "mostly chaotic slightly good" plane where all the great heroes of myth go to do joyful battle & get drunk. if you die, you get ressurecting in the morning. anyhow, that was about the only upper plane skrim went to, unless it was to get in trouble at some of the more lawful good planes (hey angels of mount celestia! stick it in your...oh, sucks not to have a place to stick it!). he could cuss out thor or whoever, get into a drinking contest with them, then you know, fight. no hard feelings! execept they were all a little bit goody-two shoes. what skrim would have wanted, eventually, i realized when talking to alex-- he wants the hell where jimmy hendrix would go. where good-hearted near-do-wells end up. free spirits! the mostly chaotic a little bit evil plane where bastards could play poker, happily cheating one another. where rock & roll ruled. oh, that sly skrim, what a champ.
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