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garuda/naga/rakshasa/vanara - wu/fenix/kylin/lung

these fucking people outside yesterday, right? first off, i'm not even sure if there weren't two groups, one celebrating passover & the other a later party. it is pretty reasonable to think that they might be the same group, though. anyhow, first off, smoke detectors going off. one in their apartment, one outside of it. that was pretty annoying & everytime it would stop, you'd only get a minute before it would start again. stop burning your fucking lamb shank or whatever! really though it was the later business that got under our nerves. if you are going to smoke, don't go into the center courtyard to do it. your stinky dirty air just filters up to everyone's window. go the fuck outside, folks! & by the way, hanging out in the trash can area smoking cigarettes & talking loudly? fuck you. so loud, so boring, so stinky, so gross. i listened to your conversations. you guys are mega-suck. fucking middle of the road as hell. the worst part about're doing it at ten. that isn't at all unreasonable! we can't even yell at you, because having a party at ten on a saturday is totally fine. just fucking...gah, i hate you, you suck. you boorish bunch of louts! we watched pootie tang though, to drown you out, & when it was over, you were done. again, fuck you! but at least you are a little bit considerate. i still hate you, though.

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