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freya attack force.

phil was in town, or actually, still is in town, so let me start over. phil is in town, so last night we got together with him & his friend michele for some carousing. well, whatever passes for tearing up the town these days. there wasn't much tearing but there was some emotionally tense moments, so i guess it really wasn't all that different from back in the day! the chain to phil goes like this: jenny & leigh were roommates. which is how i met jenny in the first place! leigh & phil met & ended up in some kind of relationship, & so there. that is the chart. also, phil & leigh know michele. phew. groundwork out of the way. we went to Scottaditio, which i said reminded me of scodador, which is an archaic italian word for tithe collector, which everyone wondered that i knew. which was i think the only time that happened, since phil & michele are all multi-lingual & i was jealous of them all evening because of it. lazy american mordicai! anyhow, we all got pasta, & the girl's by far had selected the best dishes. also, we were all pretty much bastards; phil & i to michele, michele to the waitress, jenny to phil, all around the ball went, bounce bounce bounce. it worked out pretty well in the end though-- free drinks! after that the idea of going somewhere was considered, but we ended up back at our apartment.

which was when the real fun began! so we came home & uncorked a bottle of wine & sort of chatterboxed. everyone wanted to talk about food! i don't like food that much so i kept being eight years old & interjecting non sequitur. want to look at my copy of the voynich manuscript? that served for a fun distraction for a little while. then another bottle of wine down to the last drop. the last of the cold bottles! which meant it was time to delve into the mystery liquors provided by mike & kelly! whose going away party i was missing. i didn't know i was missing their going away party-- i thought it was tonight, & now my schedule is all efffed up! so we started in on the juniper brandy (at least, that is what everyone was pretty sure the label said, as no one spoke dutch) & the bailey's & more chartreuse. clink! then phil & jenny got into a tousle because jenny called him her "frenemy" & it was a flashback tour of combat duty! you said he said she said! broken glass! exciting, & we hadn't even started talking about people's relationships! oh such merry fun. well, i was happy at least. you know me, drama is my fishtank. oh, sunken treasure! sort of thing. we stayed up being jerks till three, which is when they went home. & that is my friday tale of adventure.
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