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ladies, ladies, ladies.

so dc comics (it stands for "detective comics" comics) released this promotional image by adam hughes at the new york comic con. it had the blurb "the real power of the dc universe"...which is my only complaint about it. that is the sort of patronizing "behind every great man is a great woman" language that rankles me. that aside, i really like this picture a whole lot. moving from left to right these are (apparently) catwoman, oracle, zatanna, black canary, power girl, wonder woman, supergirl, batwoman, vixen, poison ivy, & harley quinn. i'm not sure how batwoman snuck on there, since she's fallen off the face of the dcu, but whatever-- that is the reason i say "apparently," because otherwise adam hughes has done a killer job capturing distinctive portrayals of the characters (i thought batwoman was huntress-- sue me!). i think the most stand-out is power girl, to be quite honest, & i think this is a perfect example of why i defend the "chest window." it is a distinctive thing, something that no other character has, & it works as an important identifier of the character; in comics, where artists are continually cycling, those sorts of things are invaluable. & it doesn't have to be gross, as you can see here. i would have liked to see black canary in fishnet stockings for the same reason. anyhow, over at comics worth reading, johanna has started an unofficial "men of the dc universe" contest, which could work out equally interesting.
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