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hack the planet!

kimmie66 by aaron alexovich.

another minx book written by a guy, but you can't hold it against any particular individual book-- it is just a problem with the branding, i guess. i liked this one, which i popped open & read yesterday on the train. i've been reading through the worm Ouroboros (which is awesome) & besides that have been rehearsing my lines too, so i haven't had anything too breezy in a bit, & i felt in the mood, so voila. i liked some of it; the lairs as a cross between clique & mmorpg for instance. other parts i thought were weird & didn't really make sense in the context of the story-- drifting between lair paradigms being illegal being a good example. i thought over-all it was a pretty good story, if kind of straight forward; a young girl's guide to the "spooky ai" tale. which is what is is, after all. i think i did a good job with that, but i'm not sure it is transcendent of age range. i guess that is the only misgiving, & you know me. in a couple of days even that opinion will dissolve & i'll be left with positive memories of it.
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