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i'm thrashing in low-level wreckage right now! i sort of hurt my back a little last night at the gym, for one. i wasn't doing anything crazy, & when i felt the twinge i bounced, but now i'm still all owie about it. & then my stomach is hurting now too! it just happened on the train & hasn't let up. so i was forced to go across the street to the shitty deli to get some seltzer, & while i was at it, i got a blt. on the plus side, i ate slices of tomato, on purpose, so my widening of my edible horizons is continuing to go well. on the downside, that place is fucking bullshit, & they charge you a stupid arm & a leg. seriously, what other deli charges as much for shit? none, not even pricey joints in manhattan. frustrating. & my stomach still hurts. oh, though. peter just walked in, so maybe he'll distract me with entertaining stories. also, i've been able to get some work done on wedding stuff this morning. because i get married in a month. how is that for brain-freeze?!
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