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"lickity split these lesbians!"

wednesday television night was a pretty good one, this time. it started off a little wonky-- jenny hadn't eaten all day & couldn't understand that i had shuffled things around to make the errand i had to run work out in as much time as it would normally take, but i was able to get to mike's, pick up his donated liquor cabinent, get food, & get home in plenty of time. then we had a special guest: lilly, whose pictures you see here. the first thing we watched was the beauty & the geek clip show, since rob & big is gone. gone! woe! the clip show sucked, like all clip shows do, & i also ate way too much. luckily, i had a digestif! we all did, clink. then it was a pretty stellar episode of how i met your mother with the beek. it was pretty fucking funny. followed up by america's next top model, which is generally the backbone of television night, but has been faltering pretty hard this season. but! swooping in from the wings! well, we had a vote, & paradise hotel lost & shot at love won, so we watched that awesome, colossal mess. it is designed in a laboratory to be best when viewed under the influence of alchohol. it is pretty freaking great, & this ratboy guy is super weird & hilarious & is gonna knuckledust somebody next episode. everyone is awful! it is perfect.

plus, maggie got me a birthday present! a mate gourd, & mate for it! i really like mate, both as a taste & an idea. it is the other caffinated beverage in the world, after coffee & tea! she got me some, & one of the gourds you are supposed to drink it from, & a metal straw like you are supposed to use. all of it! it came from south america & i am going to drink it all! & then i am going to make everyone in my game world drink it all of the time. but look at these pictures, yikes. i need a haircut crazy woah, i am starting to look like one of the "before" geeks with this crazy stuff on my head. maybe i will call to make an appointment today!
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