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the fourth season of battlestar galactica.

jenny & i weren't in the most lucid state when we watched the second-most recent episode of bsg so we only last night got around to watching the new one, sitting down & watching one right after another. man, how nice watching chains of episodes is. dvds of television shows are the best. but that is neither here nor there. firstly: i am very excited about the cylon revolution. like, from the very first teaser, i was all about it. i have no idea where the show is going to take it, & at this point i trust bsg enough to let them run with it. the questions & doubts are suspenseful! hooray. seriously, a ton of centurions blowing everything up with machine guns? sentient raiders? civil war between the models? interesting! the one big problem i have is that i'm not sure which six is caprica six. anyhow, this season is totally up to snuff, totally on point. as to the most recent episode: fuck cally. & how can you be surprised? she's been taught time & again that she can murder without repercussions. cally & cain are on the same page. so you know what? yeah, i would have done the same. now galen can rise as the demagogue. also, lee in the government-- i see bright things ahead for that boy. oh, i got the fever baby, cylon fever.

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