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oh man, this potatohead just reminded me of the term i coined yesterday-- reverse cell-phone. as in "i got reverse cell-phoned by that guy!" you know that moment, that moment when you are like "look at that crazy person walking down the street shouting to himself-- oh, wait. no, he's just got a hand-free cellphone. i hate those things." that moment is, i guess you could say, being "cell-phoned." i appreciate wanting to be in the future, & i return to the statement "any sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from schizophrenia," but ever notice how those people always are just awful? awful. anyhow, getting reverse cellphoned is when you think "he's not a madman, he's simply on his phone!" & then later regret that assumption, because he is in fact mentally disturbed. that is the word i invented! also, i yelled at another litterbug. stop littering you filth chimps! you fucking live here!

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