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pinky binky bottle of inky.

went over to martak's house for the last time ever, in all likelihood. there was wedding preperation stuff to work on, & he uncorked a fine & aged bottle while we got down to it. & it was a fine & profitable outing, & thanks to his largess, a nice checkmark can go down on the to-do list. also, i gave him a going away present i got for him, a little jade cicada. then i slipped back home to have some hamburgers & sparkling wine with my fine lady. so, not so much a sprawling, active day, but still continuing the busy barrage. really i don't know what happened all week, it was just so doused in action. tuesday birthday, wednesday television, thurday & friday volunteering at the con, saturday birthday ii, sunday game, now monday again with wedding. this is not my beautiful car! still, i'm not totally harried in the brain, though i do find myself tired occasionally. that might have to do with all the antihistamines i've been mainlining. which is a perk of mike moving actually-- no more dustmite dive-bombs!
Tags: dnd, wedding

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