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this is the end!

the final oisos episode! first we did battle with the shoggoth & two mariliths; "battle" is maybe the wrong word for it: the angel & the saint cut it to ribbons while the warlock & the dragon's heir held the demons at bay till the swords were ready for them. then it was down the sphincter! to fight the balor & father dagon! handled with care: it doesn't hurt that we had allies: the cranium rat swarm, the gnoll, the walking dead, the cockroach, the duke of pentacles, the dragon. then came the aspect of the leviathan, which we too slaughtered, & then, finally, the heart of the leviathan; we did thousands of points of damage in a turn! take that! i actually miscalculated my damage, i realize; i should have done much, much more: something around three hundred sixty-five. in the end, uberschwarm killed the balor, the ghost of the prince (summoned by eyekiller) killed father dagon, & i actually can't remember who killed the aspect of the leviathan. & then, the spenta mainyu dissolved into petals of soap which dissolved in the surf.
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