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gojira eat your heart out. no really, damn your eyes, damn your heart, may the dragons devour it.

the tarrasque is an odd duck. like so many of the best monsters in dnd, it comes from a little slip of a legend, this one from france. your usual tale of monsters & saints: all the king's horses & all the king's men were to no avail, but a lady name martha comes along & the next thing you know the monster is eating out of her hand, tame as can be. so the townspeople kill it without too much trouble. hey, isn't that what you are supposed to do to unicorns? anyhow, in dungeons & dragons it is pretty much a godzilla analogue, & pretty invincible for all that. hurt it all you want, it is pretty much invulnerable, & for the record, regenerates, too. actually killing one is the stuff of bragging rights. mostly through the loopholes & gaps in the rules. "i just opened a gate above one & a gate below it & let it fall through space, faster & faster, till the first gate's duration expired. splat!" or whatever. thing is, the last incarnation, the third edition tarrasque, ain't no thang. well, i mean, it isn't going to play paddy-cake with you, but put it up next to some of the other critters in the monster manual like top tier dragons & a solar or whatever, & it loses some shine. plus, the old photo lacks anything to give it a sense of scale; it seems more like a guy to avoid than a guy who might come tearing into your berg. so i'm hoping it gets some killer make-over time for fourth edition. & hey, sideline, apparently spelljammer hints that there is a homeworld for these little critters, where they are docile rock-eaters, till they get removed from their native habitat. anyhow, i'm just thinking about campaign enders, since tomorrow we're going up against whatever mike has cooked up as his oisos send-off. i'm guessing we're going to fight mother hydra & father dagon for a warm up, & then a shoggoth or some elder god. that's just swell, just swell. bernie is making fun of us because our party doesn't have a cleric or a wizard. we're not wimps, who need "core classes!" we'll take our chances. we're an angel, a knight, a warlock, & a rogue. the angel (me) has four arms, a 34 strength, & wields two mercurial greatswords! the knight has a holy avenger, stigmata, & who knows what else. the warlock is one of the overmen, mad with lore, & quick with an eldritch blast. the rogue is actually mostly advanced in a dragon-related prestige class, & can lay down some elemental hurt. i think it is possible we'll make it through okay. we might, at least!
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