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more comic con action than you can shake a stick at! actually, you probably could shake a stick at it. i ducked out of the office a little early & shot up the tubes to the javitz center, ran into the mocca guys (allen & matt) outside, & swept in. the lulu nook was an elbow of table next to the mocca folks, & i kept my time there mostly with alisa, & occasional guests (see, pun) val & marion. after a little bit of shuffling the deck, tracey showed up, & then the pentagram was complete. the lulu booth had some fliers & books & ballots for voting & applications for membership. it was funny to contrast the content of the fliers: while the friends of lulu motto is a friendly "comics are for everyone!" the girl wonder flier was much more a point by point manifesto. i like both approaches!

i ran into a couple of chums of mine, but mostly fluttered around the lulu zone. i peeked at the wizards of the coast & talked to the folks at the white wolf table, & tracey got a massage, but we kept it tight & close. it was really much more the con experience i wanted, to be quite honest. sitting back & letting it drift by. book expo was a horse of a different colour, getting barraged with swag & industry folks. this con had admission open to the public, as these things do, & so it was filled with folks dressed up like jedis or as characters from manga. it was fun & closed much earlier than i was braced for (i expected to be there till eleven!) so as it closed out i wandered over to the tor booth & had a run in with a volunteer who was really hilariously flustered. going home was pretty easy, breezy, & before too long i was home.

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