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how i met your mother.

so after setting up the lulu-mocca booth, i came home & goofed around for a little bit, but before too long my geek & romantic drives kicked in & i put in the meeting & wedding episodes of robotech. you know, the heart-wrenching tale of boy meets giant girl in aerial combat, boy blows up girl's fighting robot, girl shrinks down to human size to kill boy, girl & boy go versus each other in an arcade game, boy asks girl on date to the park, girl attacks boy with a knife, boy asks girl to marry him, girl says yes. so adorable! plus, giant fighting robots. that transform into jets. after that, jenny came home & we drank too much wine & watched goofy comedies. somewhere in the middle of the second bottle jenny finished her one thousandth paper crane, so she coached my clumsy fingers into folding number one thousand & one, & poof. wish! ha, all you scoundrals, i'm getting married, ha ha! i'm the wickedest of all & i win.
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