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news item! gotham city swarmed with convention goers!

well, first thing, wizards of the coast finally announced an open gaming license. not the rules or anything meat & potatoes like that, but still i think everyone was holding their breathe a little to see if it did happen. it seems to me (& apparently to wizards) that the OGL was one of the big milestones in gaming, & a pretty peerless idea. making your rule system available for third party use is really changing the way games are made, in a very good way. so i totally support them for that. kudos!

second item, boy are my "dogs barking." yes, my feet hurt like a motherfucker, which is what i get for wearing shoes that were secretly fancier than i thought to do light physical labor. hey, i'm leaving out all the interesting parts of this story! i volunteered today for friends of lulu at the request of everyone's favorite part-time cape, val. friends of lulu is an organization supporting girls + comics. that is pretty much the long & the short of it. i like feminism, i like comics, so i was ready, willing, & able. lulu is partnered up with the museum of comic & cartoon art, so it was pretty much all one big stir-fry. it was a little start & stop at the get-go, so val & i grabbed some sushi & chatted, then there was some table moving, table setting, tables tables tables! right, everything getting ready for the new york city comic con. it was fun to see the javitz center (& mocca for that matter) in the pupal state.
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