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okay, whatever, i'll keep talking about american politics. or the shell game that passes for it. funny-- i don't know that i think there has been much social development since the revolutions. well, there has been some scientific ascent; that counts for a lot, reason rising. i guess the older i get the more reasonable revolutionaries seem. anyhow, my pet political idea today is the rock star senator. anyone who has tried to talk about presidential elections with me knows that i don't lay a lot of weight on the popular vote, & that i am really opposed to the perception of the president as king. all those checks & balances on the office are there precisely to prevent that sort of thing, but people want to erode them for the familiarity of having a boss. anyhow, this is where the republic comes in to save the day. oh republic, hege against democracy. cherished electoral college! the rock star senator, back to the point. so the people, these guys who are supposed to serve some kind of mandate (better than the so-called mandate of heaven, though the mandate i hold is unbesmirched). the media tells them all they should care about is the president, & the only viable candidates for president are the corporate sponsored brands. coke or pepsi, democrat or republican-- all basically corn syrup & empty calories. luckily, the president shouldn't matter at all. but what if that focus could be shifted to the senate? i don't know if people could be convinced to care about the "lower house," but the senate, those are two guys who should be representing you! you could actual have some kind of relationship with those guys. wouldn't that be a simple twist of salesmanship that could re-invigorate the process? plus, lunatics & fringers can be viable candidates on that level: the best kind of politico. there. i just saved the government. happy birthday, jerks.

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