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oubliette session six: to white chapel & beyond.

so first off, i made a tracey cry at today's game, so i'm obviously a total freaking genius, & she's obviously a hellcat of a player. let me talk about it. sorry, i keep getting distracted by the stupid frustrating wii. so the session started off with a new character: bedwin, a young street urchin, in trouble with the law, sold into indentured servitude a chance to rehabilitate himself. sold to our man (ghoul) gaspar d'eivon, mike's character who had his final session. the game was nut-shell small. there were meetings & rendezvous between the various player characters, in the proverbial eye of the dragonfly theme. then, by carriage, the were taken to meet with the fabulously wealthy noble airavanthe of the golden nirvana, at the white chapel. the noble, rich enough to own an entire theme, & count is a lesser holding, had been swayed by lorelai's advice to "lay his cards on the table" for our friend the ghoul. you see, airavanthe, not content to simply be a rich maharajah, using his wealth in a class war with the religious figures of the eidolon (said to be living gods), has ambitions, theories. he is a pious man! but he hears tell of the idols of pard, the saints of the south, & he is piqued. why, he designed & built whitechapel to experiment with the church of lux. more over: he wanted the players to go to the kingdom of lalala, & chartered them space on a zepplin to do so! so they were swayed by him to go to lalala to secure investment opportunities among other things, & went a-journeying to the toymaker hill, to meet the ship. along the way, they stopped in an abandoned mining pueblo, where bedwin thought he saw something. did he? well. a crane fell from a great height, smashed a cliff-house & the rubble...crushed balthazar to death.

i took james into the bathroom upon bathazar's death & threw on the red light. because his soul was drawn to...RAM! ram, the land of red deserts, abandoned iron citidals, canal cities! ram, home to mutants, ghosts, & sandworms (just like beetlejuice!)! ram, red hell, slave castle, grave of all knowledge. ram! balthazar was drawn there against his will, finding himself naked & chained to others-- old spark, the halftech shaman; kore, princess of perl; the eccentric theorist who knows only what he can know; vol, the heroic quarter-master of drips! all of them condemned to the chain gang & guarded by the invincible overseer! all of them (but one!) who sold themselves to the Janiform & his Hollow Men. "dig!" he shouts, "or face the agonizer!" it was the agonizer that made kore & tracey shed real genuine tears. but oh! they needed, needed desperately, someone to operate the Grand Cannon, for the mutants were coming-- & the mutants are no joke. they were digging in a futile attempt to reach the goblins but hey, balthazar knows how to use guns, eh? a few mechanics rolls later, & BOOM! the Grand Cannon struck the big mutant, the tumor the size of godzilla, puking oil & scuttling on many mouths, & oh, balthazar failed that humanity check. & then the Carnal, minor lord, lady of the Heartless presented him with a gift: a bound weapon! balthazar looked upon her beauty & was unbroken. then, out in the desert to scavange for treasure, but...sandworm! & died &...

woke up on urth. with his gun in hand.

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