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orthography recapitulates typography.

let me put this out there, hard & fast, because i feel strongly about it. "gnaborretni"s are stupid. hugely dumb, makes me crazy that they exist. the gnaborretni is the upside-down interrobang (‽) & it can go to freaking hell. now i don't even feel like the interrobang is needed as a single symbol necessarily, as !? or ?! work fine as well, but i am not adverse to it. the gnaborretni is supposed to be used with spanish, put reversed at the start of the sentence. here is why that is foolish: because if you are writing two symbols, on at the begining & one at the end, you can just use an exclamation & a question mark! ¡que? like so! i do admire spanish punctuation: you should get your emphasis cue before the line begins. doesn't that make sense? it makes sense. a flip-flopped interrobang is just redunant & silly. sigh. deep breath. okay, i got that out of my system. now i can start thinking about the snark. should an irony mark exist? i can't tell. i think i like it better as a rhetorical question mark. wait, why do you need a rhetorical question mark? monks, you are so weird. really i just want there to be a sarcasm mark. some places use + for sarcasm, but maybe the snark should be used. closed captioning apparently uses (parentheses) around punctuation to indicate sarcasm. hm.

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