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oh we know what you want, big boy.

i guess laura hudson was the first to call them out, but i heard it on the beat & then girl wonder. let me just reprint it here, though. this is an actual panel description from the new york comic con.

Girls Who Kick Ass: How do the ladies creating comics do it? They're constantly blowing us away with the most outrageous and provocative titles. Jenna Jameson (Shadow Hunter), Colleen Doran (Distant Soil, Reign of the Zodiac), Amanda Connor (Birds of Prey, Painkiller Jane, Lois Lane), Louise Simonson (New Mutants, X-Factor, Superman) and special guests reveal why they know what Fan-Boys want.

okay, panel on women in comics, panel with...jenna jameson? okay, there are two issues of shadow hunter by the witchblade girl which is a jameson vehicle. & i don't have a problem with her being at the convention. or even on the panel really, even though it is sort of a spit-take putting her next to amanda conner & louise simonson. i do think that saying she's a "woman in comics" is like saying the guy who plays mickey mouse at disneyworld is a "guy in animation" but whatever. really, it is the tone of the blurb. "oh, we know you have what fan-boys want...vaginas. & boobies. oh yeah, giggidy!" i wasn't even that bothered by the "outrageous & provocative" thing, considering vampirella & the aforementioned shadow hunter, even though it is a little "coded." lets put jenna jameson in the same line of text as "provocative" & see what happens! she will "blow us" away! see, this is such a sterling example of the unthinking patronizing attitude found in the industry. oh those dizzy dames, how do they do it! yowza! just such a snide bunch of whatever. still, like occasional superheroine said, there are plenty of good "women in comics" panels at the comic con. & oh yeah, i'll also be volunteering at the friends of lulu table. so there will be some good mordicai action at the con, too!
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