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television night has been weird lately, on account of most of the old standbys being wonky. lost on another hiatus ("hey we hate making television!"), maggie isn't caught up on battlestar galactica ("god loves you, gaius. now take your pants off.") & then this week freaking america's next top model ("you're fucking LUCKY!") was a freaking clipshow. go to hell, season padding! luckily we've been kind of expanding & experimenting with other shows, so with a couple of the old standbys, we did alright. human giant with gasoline drinking (an old favorite of mine), rob & big is always amazing (amazing. straight up), then some beauty & the geek (not the greatest of seasons, but adequate, adequate), & some paradise hotel (what a glorious mess). wine & chapagne were consumed in copious quantities as well as cheeses, cheeses from all exotic locales. we had a total of i think six different kinds of cheese. cheese! it made my finger smell funny. & then at the end i think everyone else started woofing down eclairs. i abstained from that, i'll tell you what! it was fun, as of course it was going to be.

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