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mordicai pinkerton!

at this point my hair has almost morphed into a gaiman-like mop. for the legal record, i want to have that down. speaking of science-- wasn't someone just talking about science? thanks to the miracle of modern science, i'm all slugger in the morning, nails in lousville & swing! up late last night; after the gym jenny & i got into our nautilus wheelwagon & SHOCK! VROOM! wait, let me yay karate that sentence, because i'm getting ahead of myself. we actually used our summon materia to get the iron wurm to take us to the next level. carla & robert's level! also, sick claudio. the discussion was that, as he's getting older, his husky's hips are now starting to act up. he kept peeing in the building, though, which makes me wonder if maybe he wasn't just sick or something? anyhow, lets forget the dog for the moment. we all hung out for a little bit & drank champagne, but then we split up, boys versus girls, for a little bit. robert & i watched the last episode of twin peaks, because that is a thing i like to do. need to do.

fuck, sorry this is so disjointed, i'm busy at work on & off. also, now i'm having a meta thing, like "who are you apologising to? the internet?" but no, i am facelessly anthropomorphizing my diary, okay? back off.

the girls went into the bedroom to do...girl things. look at poppets. which is a mordicai thing, but they were doing it to, i know they were! we rejoined forces (after robert & i did a read-through of my lines for witch prison) to play lots of rock band. i'm a "medium" on the bass, which i know isn't anything to brag about, but there you go! i didn't fuck up anything too badly, either, so that is a victory in my book. we stayed pretty late, mostly on jenny's promise to me of a lucrative reward! also, on having fun. we took a yellow beetlecab home! i don't think i ever have from carla's place; i never take an automobile ride across the brooklyn bridge! the handsome hansom (note: not actually handsome) kept making semi-funny political jokes. then home, & my just desserts! & now, work.
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