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mordicai kryptonite!

so my name is officially done up, rank & file, changed & complete. buttons have been buttoned, the i-s all dotted, t-s all crossed. mordicai james k. mjk. that is right, i took jenny's last name, & so there you go. or at least a modified version thereof. it isn't really as feminist as all that, since i'm not really connected to the biologicals. really it comes from a place more of wanting our kids to have a last name unified with the new family we're creating (thanks, government!). there weren't any kludges that would work (burnode?) & there weren't any "new" names that were really flying. for a second it looked like i might go "caeli" so the spawnlings could be caeli-k., but we veered off that. in the end, we took a letter out of her last name to revert it to a pre-ellis spelling, & she'll change it to that spelling when we sign the wedding license. it is nice to be called who i really am. or closer to who i really am at least. what i really am. it took about a week of morning flurry to sort shit out, but now i've got me copies of documents, all certified, announced in the papers, proclaimed by the heralds, recognized by the seal of the state, the whole kit & caboodle. which means that now the rest of the process can begin, sorting our social security, identification, bank stuff, paychecks. but the legal joint, that is all taken care of. so let it be written, so let it be done! the wedding invitations will still say my old last name, & i am considering slacking on alerting places till jenny has her last name changed, too. oh, for the record, it means "gnarled" but also "magic!"
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