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the woman that never evolved by sarah blaffer hrdy.

first, let me just say that sarah blaffer hrdy is a hero of mine. she is the one who introduced me to the sociobiological aspects of feminism, which provides (i think) a much stronger background for logical analysis of gender & sex roles than other options (like "wishful thinking," which is a pretty common model). how did i like the book? well i sort of knew i was going to, didn't i? i did, so there is that obvious bias upfront. & as for a lot of the arguments & discussions, well. their inheritors are strong in mother nature, which is probably a much better book, as it ought to be seeing as how it was written years later with the benefit of hindsight & such. still, the woman that never evolved turned over a lot of stone, struck some hard blows against monolithic worldviews in both primatology, feminism, anthropology, & sociology, & for that it deserves props. plus, she's such a fucking pleasure to read that you can't help but go along for the ride. some of her arguments are belabored past the point where you get it, you see where she is going, you know how it will turn out, but the book isn't a fucking novel. it is a much harder bend toward the science than the pop, without being overwhelming. what can i say, i like books about feminism & anthropology, i really do.
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