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gasmasks & peanutbutter.

i can't even begin to put words down along what was happening when i fell asleep. discord & dischord. let me ruminate, sticky fingered, on the deeds of the day, & hope that when all is told my disposition might suit sleep better. i need these fists & feet! the morning started off like any other saturday, one of those odd ducklings where jenny is home for the day. coffee & computer & she cooked us vegetables & quinoa. fortified on such fare, & restocked with wine & champagne (another forty bottles or so), we boarded gotham's trains to be wisked about. woosh woosh! to all of manhattan's fine clothiers & suchlike establishments. it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but gosh it wasn't as successful as it could have been. at least one of the people who helped us was named "avenging angel." i like to think it was an important learning experience. we had a nice little drink at the subway inn for old time's sake, anyhow. we came home in exhaustion but again, not before another stop off to eat those fancy hot dogs they've been selling near us. then, we uncorked us a couple of bottles. now to sever these silver cord & get back to the bad dreaming. i do remember that nova loves zor prime, so there is always that.

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