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marvel adventures: the avengers volume one "heroes assembled," volume three "bizarre adventures," & volume four "dream team." written by jeff parker, illustrated by many.

i didn't have much to do last night besides read comics since the young whippersnappers across the hall were up all night having a party. these are really pretty great: the marvel adventures line are a great example of fun comics. they aren't tied down to continuity, instead letting you "get" the jist of the characters based on their own archetypal nature (spider-man cracking jokes? check. wolverine kind of grim? got it) but still will make reference to those more complicated backstories, in cute little asides. i'm a fan, & this jeff parker guy is pretty great too. let me run down the list of stories, in brief: fight ultron, fight the leader & the abomination, fight baron zemo, fight all of those guys. that is the first volume. by the way, the leader is hilarious. second volume: everyone is turned into a m.o.d.o.c. really! it isn't a fake out cover even a little. then they fight world of warcraft, then a pyramid scheme, then...."ego the living loving planet." which is when ego tries to pick up the planet earth for a date. third volume is a hank pym story, then alternate universe, then thor, then time travel. fun times, all around.

the hood by brian k. vaughan & kyle holtz & eric powell.

so i didn't really "get" what was exciting about the hood appearing in the avengers storyline earlier this year. who the heck is this guy, where the hell did he come from, i'm supposed to accept this nobody is a rival for the mother-fucking kingpin? somebody explained that it was bendis supporting his bro vaughan's character, & that is fine, but it didn't click. the thing that made it click a whole lot more is the simple blurb on the back of this book: "with great power...comes great opportunity." oh, he's evil spider-man. he's the other path. that makes a whole lot more sense. first, let me talk about the cover design of this book. this cover art is sick. the conjuring circle, wizard's robes, & pistols? i like it a lot. i was going to try to like this book just from that alone. anyhow the guy is sort of a dick? i guess that bugged david more than it bugs me. i'm not looking for him to be heroic or anything. i liked the multitude of relationships, & i didn't think that they were forced. that is more important to me. he's a slimeball, his friend is a slimeball, & they help each other out...because they are each sleeping with one eye open to make sure the other guy doesn't screw him over. anyhow, yeah, i did like it. i think the hood has a visual look & a hook that could keep him around. he should fight cloak!
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