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where is the tenderness!?

much better mood today! not a bit of it mysterious: the intimacies of spending time, instead of wasting time. slap a few band-aids on the mouth of this wasp's nest & we're good to go. the itsy-bitsy spider back up the waterspout, the horseshoe crab flipped back over on to its feet. i'm not the hardest riddle to unfurl: all in mail never clinking, that's me. television was fun, i made a magical cocktail with a grenade of liquor; it was a special colour! & then in the twelve there were pictures of almost-goblins, & it made my heart pitter-patter. now if i can just sort out things with the newspaper today, i'll be sitting pretty. speaking of sitting pretty & pitter-patter, i got a poppet from lisa snellings-clark today!

Tags: curios, photos

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