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"four deep in one vagina."

in a little bit better of a mood after eating something & talking to jenny. will be fine by this evening for lucky television. last night rbl & i initially failed to meet up with ranai & joe to see human giant at the paley center. as a penalty for our being late (stupid stupid express train creatures!) we had to watch...on closed circuit television. what the hell? anyhow, we stuck around after the panel or whatever so danielle could have her dvds autographed, & my suggestion (a motion which was carried!) was for paul of the human giant to get up & let danielle sit like she was the human giant danielle, & for paul to be part of us fans. as you can see. then we went to some ritzy joint to have an expensive drink. the cups were pretty deep though, making the price not all that bad. thanks, gimlet! danielle did this thing where she pretended to type out the url of a furry ring & it was pretty endearing. oh, also as you can see, my hair is a fucking shaggy mess, & i don't know what to do about that. maybe i'll have jenny take me to one of those places. a barber shop. don't they make you into hot dogs though? kill you & make you into america's favorite sausage?
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