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strike two!

more of a foul tip, really. at least this was sort of useful? got into the civil court for one! found out, after some run around, the correct floor. correct window, signed up to speak, spoke &...they told me to get some more paperwork. the papers i had printed didn't tell me what to get, but they gave me some stuff & so la la la. i went home to pick those papers up, so i could make photocopies here at work. that actually was the most frustrating part of the experience, as i saw a b75 bus, knew it went to the slope, & hopped on it hoping i was cleverly taking a speedy route. nope! it was pretty roundabout, & the f would have been better by a good long shot. still, there is slowly accumulating all the needed business. in a slow, annoying snowball, but sitcoms have led me to believe that public offices are always like this. so i'll grin & bear it & head over tomorrow morning & hopefully grandslam it.
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