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first off, how fucking messed up are the os-tans? you have to be really nerdy to get involved in that. but then to permutate the set-up into afganis-tan? okay, now you are kind of brilliant. when i was a wee hateling, just a small malice sprite, i used to play my roleplaying games with a clique of like-minded geeks; dave, josh, sometimes josh's brother, & frank. frank is the one i mean to discuss now! you see, he was a geographic wunderkid. he knew cities that you've never heard of. he knew...i don't know, gdps & shit. he knew that stuff. so one time we home-made a teenage mutant ninja turtle...& other strangeness kit to play a sort of near-future but not after the bomb game. it was confusing, but straight to the point, frank said that his mutant frog navy seal type guy was from tajikistan, which we were all like "so now we're just making up countries?" mind you, this was in the time prior to the collapse of the ussr, so cut us some slack. anyhow, there. that is the story of how i discovered the existence of the more southerly, un-russian provinces of the ussr, & why it will always have a place in my heart (next to moldova). anyhow, speaking of role-playing, i have prep work to do for my game, & breakfast to pick up for my jennybug.
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