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so i left, bailing on gym-ness, to meet jenny in chinatown during her lunch hour. i like her it turns out! after descending into the bowels of catham square, i found her & we absconded to a dim sum place down the block. now somehow i got put in charge! at least in theory, though jenny's comfort level in sino-american relations really carried the day. i hung out with her for a bit but then off to williamsburg-- play practice! that is right, it is time to begin that cycle again; this time witch prison is the fun to have! all our folks are armed & ready, & special guests & everything. i'm pretty happy with how things are going even though we still need to cast things. i'm the wardlock! james is my manservent! daile is in it! i was pretty impressed with daile onthe165 & james toughlad & also the other new girl lauren who is my evil prison guard girl! after the read through, simon the boss ravenface, daile, & james came to dinner with me to a place simon knows about called "ittl ore". a korean barbeque, which is a thing i've never done before. it had the hottest bathroom i've ever been in! it was fun; the four of us all really liked each other i think! i am bummed that i missed "earth hour" or whatever, which i didn't know before hand! poor jenny home in the dark. or...lucky jenny! anyhow, listen-up, witch prison pretty fucking funny. there will be good time ahead!
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