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an important message for those of you interested in negotiating your way through new york city king's county civil court system: closed weekends. dork mordicai really should have known better, but rather than look at it as a wasted hour of my life, i'm going to fondly remember it as a chance to explore downtown brooklyn a little bit more & run into old chums. an unintended consequence is that i'll have a chance to go to the gym, which i've been slacking off on all week in favor of drinking gallons of wine. (edit: oops, looks like i am flaking on the gym again to go meet jenny for lunch in chinatown!) anyhow, i've made myself a nice little bit of salad & oh!

sandman mystery theater: the vamp by matt wagner, steven t. seagle & guy davis.

i like that the sandman of golden age claim isn't particularly great at his job; or rather, it isn't that he isn't good at it. the world just doesn't have the superhero suspension of disbelief, so no, he can't just do it like batman. wes has to actually break into the place, actually hide from people. tough work! & his sabotage of relationship is handled like-- well, like wesley dodds has some serious fucking issues (seriously, a "magical" doll of himself!) that get in the way. i would like to see some nightmares in it a little more. anyhow-- lesbians. there is a bit of that in here, a good bit. i think there is enough portrayal of "not evil" lesbians in the story along with the "evil lesbians" to keep it from being insulting, or them from being "manhaters" or whatever.
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